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"Drumming for Business"  is a new and innovative program designed to promote Business & Entrepreneurship in a uniquely different way.

While the "Drumming for Business"  program was initially developed for Senior Cycle students in conjunction with the Enterprise boards, its message undoubtedly has relevance for audiences beyond that in a time when entrepreneurship has become so critical to providing hope of employment in a falling jobs market.

Drumming for Business is an exciting strategic collaboration between
LYBr8 & Ostinato, a local company which provides training & personal development through the medium of music. 

To view an article about the program on the Carlow Business Club blog, click on the following link;

Drumming for Business Collaboration
[Left] Yvonne O' Toole from LYBr8 & [Right] Eddie Sheehan
from Carlow based company Ostinato
Drumming for Business
Drumming for Business