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LYBr8 provide a range of services to business owners including one-to-one coaching and personal development. So whether you are a business owner who wants help to focus on specific areas of business or are interested in coaching for personal development reasons such as fulfillment or work life balance we have a solution for you.
For 2009
LYBr8 have added Myers Briggs Psychometric testing to the range of services they offer. Myers Briggs or MBTI is the worlds most researched and respected personal development questionnaire based on the personality type theories of famous Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. To find out more about the benefits of MBTI for your organization, please click here...

But can I afford coaching in a recession?
The answer to that question is absolutely YES, now more than ever business owners need to remain focused on their businesses. Surviving in this economy will require that business owners stay calm &  focussed. Businesses that survive will be those who can remain competitive and provide innovative, customer focused solutions and ultimately deliver differentiating value to the marketplace.

LYBr8 coaching works with companies on a one-to-one basis helping business owners to work through difficult issues and set key objectives and targets which will ensure that they maintain the levels of focus necessary to succeed in this turbulent marketplace.

At LYBr8 we pride ourselves on instilling excellence into everything we do. Our commitment and dedication to our customers is second to none and we thoroughly believe in working together with our customers to develop tailored programs which help them to develop both themselves and their businesses in ways they never thought possible
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